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Advisory Service

The Workplace Relations Commission’s Advisory Service promotes good practice in the workplace by assisting and advising organisations in all aspects of industrial relations in the workplace.

**The Advisory Service does not provide information or advice on employment law or employment rights issues.

What is the Advisory Service?

The Advisory Service works with employers, employees and their representatives, principally in non-dispute situations to develop effective industrial relations practices, procedures and structures that best meet their needs. The Service is independent, impartial and experienced in industrial relations practice and theory.

In discussion with the parties concerned, a designated member of the Advisory team will tailor assistance to fit the requirements of individual organisations or firms, whether large or small. This assistance is confidential to the parties and is provided free of charge.

We deliver a broad range of services to customers including:

  • Industrial Relations Audits
  • Joint Working Parties
  • Preventative Mediation/Facilitation
  • Preparation of Codes of Practice
  • Voluntary Dispute Resolution (SI 76 of 2004)
Who can use the service?

The service is available to all employers and employees. To use the service employees need not be trade union members, nor do employers have to belong to a representative body. While certain public sector employments do not come within scope of the statutory function of the Commission, the Advisory Service will always try to assist these parties on an ad hoc basis outside their established employee relations frameworks.

How to contact us

Requests for the assistance of the Advisory Service may be made by contacting the Advisory Service at:

Staff of the Service, in discussion with the parties will tailor assistance to individual workplace requirements. This assistance is confidential and free of charge. The Service aims to assist employers and employees build and maintain positive working relationships whilst working with them to develop and implement on-going effective problem-solving mechanisms.

  • We engage with employers, employees and their representatives to help them to develop effective industrial relations practices, procedures and structures. Such assistance could include reviewing or developing effective workplace procedures in areas such as grievance, discipline, communications and consultation. 
  • We facilitate joint management–staff forums to work through issues of mutual concern; for example, workplace change or difficult industrial relations issues. 

The Advisory Service also facilitates a procedure to help management and employee representatives to resolve disputes in situations where negotiating arrangements are not in place and where collective bargaining fails to take place. 

Individual Employment Law / Employment Rights Issues

Please note, the Advisory Service does not provide information or adviceon employment rights issues. If you have a query regarding an employment rights issue, you may contact Information and Customer Services at

Information and Customer Service
Workplace Relations Commission
O’Brien Road
R93 W7W2

Tel: 059 9178990
0818 80 80 90 * (09.30 - 17.00, Monday to Friday)