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Industrial Relations

The objective at all times is to achieve harmonious relations between employers and employees without recourse to formal intervention by means of adjudication and dispute resolution services. Workplace Relations Services encourages local discussion on, and resolution of, disputes and issues which arise in the workplace. In this regard the Conciliation, Advisory and Mediation Services of the WRC provides an impartial, timely and effective suite of Conciliation, Advisory and Mediation Services. We do this by assisting Employers and Workers (and/or their representatives) to resolve industrial relation disputes. We offer and provide pre-adjudication mediation to parties involved in employment rights/equality and equal status based claims.  The division’s role enhances the Irish industrial relations environment by working at national, sectoral and enterprise level with Private Enterprises, Trade Unions, Employer Organisations, Government Departments/State Agencies and employees to promote and develop modern and progressive industrial relations and human resource management practices and processes.

Key Functions

The Key Functions of the Conciliation, Advisory and Mediation Services are;




Ad Hoc Facilitation