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COVID-19 Update - 1 May 2020

Mindful of the latest Government announcements, the WRC has further postponed all Adjudication Hearings, Conciliation Meetings, Face- to -Face Mediations, and cancellation of on-site Inspections until after Monday 18th May 2020.

Online Complaints:

However, in the interim, the WRC remains open for business and parties can submit complaints for adjudication using the online complaint form at the following link:

It is recommended that parties use the online complaint form only to submit complaints and to be aware of the important timeframes for submitting these complaints. The date of receipt will be recorded on the online complaint form.

The process on How to Refer a Complaint is set out on the following LINK


The WRC will continue to issue Decisions to parties electronically during the current Covid 19 emergency. Parties will be contacted by telephone, in advance of the Decision issuing, confirming the email details on record and will be advised that the Decision will issue to that email address within the next 48 hours. In the event that the WRC cannot confirm the email details, or either of the parties indicate that it does not have access to the email at the time, the Decision will not issue. The Decisions which cannot be issued on this basis, for one reason or another, will issue in the normal fashion when processes return to normal.

Any queries on this or any other adjudication matter, should be emailed to


The Labour Court has introduced new rules and guidelines regarding appeals, and these are available at the following LINK. Any appeal, (with the exception of appeals of Equal Status Complaints which lie to the Circuit Court), shall be initiated by notice in writing including by email to delivered to the Labour Court within 42 days from the date of the decision being appealed. In accordance with the provisions of the Interpretation Act 2005 the date of the decision is day 1 of the 42-day period. The Labour Court have indicated that appeals submitted by email can be made up to 12 midnight on the 42nd day and the date of receipt will be the date and time automatically recorded on the email system.

Equal Status Appeals:

While appeals of Equal Status complaints lie to the Circuit Court, the WRC does not propose to issue any Equal Status decisions at this point in time. These decisions will issue when restrictions are lifted.


We will follow up to schedule hearings at an appropriate time and subject to government advice. However, given the nature of the present situation it may be a period of time before such hearings are in a position to proceed.


In this regard, the WRC Mediation Team will endeavour to contact parties, to offer them the option of telephone mediation. This may assist the parties to resolve the complaint speedily, without the need for adjudication.


Conciliation referrals can continue to be submitted online via email at


While on-site Inspections have ceased for the present, Inspector’s work in monitoring labour exploitation, and checking that workers’ statutory employment rights are given, will continue. Being mindful of prevailing circumstances in each business, Inspectors will progress existing inspections and commence new cases based on risk. They will contact employers by phone, letter or email.

Where documentation is outstanding, this can be sent by post to the relevant WRC office or you can use WRC’s secure file transfer facility, ShareFile. If you wish to use this facility, the inspector can send you a secure Sharefile link.

Cooperation by businesses in dealing with us in this manner is appreciated.

The situation will be kept under review and updates will be posted on the WRC website and social media channels.