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COVID-19 Update – 31st March 2021

Further to the most recent Government announcement (30th March 2021) in relation to Covid-19 related restrictions, the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) will continue to provide its service delivery of conciliation, mediation, and adjudication1 by way of remote/virtual platforms for the immediate future. This service delivery model will be kept under review and will be informed by Government advice and policy in relation to Covid-19.

All conciliations, mediations and adjudications already scheduled are unaffected, and the WRC Infoline: 0818 80 80 90 is operating as normal.

The conciliation and mediation services are fully meeting demand while adjudication hearings, other than those in relation to complaints that cannot be progressed due to pending decision/judgments from appellate bodies or superior courts or where multiple related complaints are being progressed separately, are being scheduled at over one-third above the level of hearings held prior to the onset of Covid-19.

In this regard, the WRC would also request that all complainants and respondents give every consideration to the assistance offered by the WRC mediation service as a possible avenue to resolve an individual matter in dispute. Apart from obviating the need for a hearing, mediation can lead to a resolution of the matter in a mutually agreed fashion. Parties should proactively contact the WRC if they wish to participate in mediation, which may be by phone or video call.

To assist the scheduling process, the WRC would encourage persons to utilise electronic mail and provide written consent to email as a communication vehicle wherever possible. In this regard, such correspondence or submissions should be emailed to

Where a hearing has already been scheduled any further correspondence or submissions required should be emailed to

The WRC is of the view that, pursuant to section 31 Civil Law and Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020, the default position is that all complaints submitted for adjudication are amenable to being dealt with remotely subject to the interests of justice and fairness in an individual case.