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How we can help

How Can We Help SignThe objective at all times should be to achieve harmonious relations between employers and employees without recourse to formal intervention by means of adjudication and dispute resolution services. Workplace Relations Services encourages local discussion on, and resolution of, disputes and issues which arise in the workplace. In this regard, a number of services are provided which seek to inform employers, employees and others of rights and obligations under the relevant legislation, provide assistance and support to underpin good workplace relations and to facilitate local dispute resolution. Additional details on these services are available in the Related Links on this page.

The Codes of Practice available in this section provide useful information, guidance and best practice on frameworks and procedures which can avoid conflict and disputes and address issues which may arise.

Our Workplace Relations Information and Customer Services operate a contact centre (0818 80 80 90) which provides information on employment, equality and related legislation. This information is also available in a comprehensive format in the 'What You Should Know' section of the site.

The Advisory Service can assist employers, employees and trade unions or other employee representatives in non-dispute situations to develop effective industrial relations practices, procedures and structures that best meet their needs, to build and maintain positive working relationships and to develop and implement on-going effective problem-solving mechanisms.

We also offer training on a variety of aspects of the employment relationship, including workplace procedures, communications, the negotiation process, dignity in the workplace and support in the management of workplace change.

Facilitation services can also be provided for discussions within workplaces.

To seek the assistance of one of the above services, contact us on : 0818 80 80 90 or at

Information and Customer Services,
Workplace Relations Commission,
O'Brien Road,
R93 E920