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Workplace Relations Bodies

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Employment Appeals Tribunal

The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) is an independent body bound to act judicially, and was set up to provide a fair, inexpensive and informal means for individuals to seek remedies for alleged infringements of their statutory rights.

Following the establishment of the Workplace Relations Commission on the 1st October 2015, the Tribunal no longer accepts direct claims or appeals from Rights Commissioners’ recommendations/decisions. The Tribunal still accepts applications to seek implementation/enforcement of a recommendation/decision of a Rights Commissioner. In accordance with the Workplace Relations Act 2015 all complaints and disputes under employment, equality and equal status legislation presented after 30th September, 2015 will be dealt with by the Workplace Relations Commission. All appeals presented after this date fall to be heard by the Labour Court.

The Tribunal will remain in place to deal with legacy complaints and appeals, on completion of which it will be dissolved.

The Tribunal deals with cases which fall under the following legislation:

  • Redundancy Payments Acts,
  • Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Acts,
  • Unfair Dismissals Acts,
  • Terms of Employment (Information) Acts,
  • Payment of Wages Act,
  • Maternity Protection Acts,
  • Adoptive Leave Acts,
  • Carer's Leave Act,
  • Parental Leave Acts,
  • Protections for Persons Reporting Child Abuse Act,
  • Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act,
  • Consumer Protection Acts,
  • Competition Acts,
  • Chemicals Acts,
  • European Communities (Protection of Employment) Regulations, and
  • European Communities (Protection of Employees’ on Transfer of Undertakings) Regulations.

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