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Wages and Methods of Payments

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A Registered Employment Agreement (REA) is a collective agreement made either between a trade union or unions and an individual employer, group of employers or employers’ organisation, which relates to the pay or conditions of employment of specified workers. The effect of registration is to make the provisions of an REA binding. An REA can deal with any matter that comes under the general heading of pay or conditions of employment. An Agreement may provide for the variation of any of its provisions. Each REA must contain a disputes procedure that is binding. Any contraventions of a Registered Employment Agreement may be referred to the WRC for appropriate action.

On foot of a request, from a trade union of workers, a trade union or an organisation of employers, or a trade union of workers jointly with a trade union or an organisation of employers, to the Labour Court, it can carry out an examination of the remuneration, sick pay or pension scheme of workers in a particular economic sector.

The Labour Court, having considered the applicable economic factors may make a recommendation to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to make a “sectoral employment order” for such matters as remuneration (overtime, unsocial hours, Sunday working, travelling time etc.), pension or sick pay scheme. If there is a difference in pay rates or less favourable pension scheme or sick pay scheme between a contract and a sectoral employment order the greater amount of pay or better pension scheme or sick pay scheme will apply.

Joint Industrial Councils

Joint Industrial Councils (JICs) are voluntary negotiating bodies for particular industries or parts of industries that are representative of employers and trade unions. A Council, provided that it fulfils certain conditions, may register with the Labour Court as a Joint Industrial Council under the Industrial Relations Acts. The rules of such Councils must provide for the referral of disputes to the Council for consideration before resort is made to industrial action. A registered JIC may request the Labour Court to appoint a chairperson and secretary to the Council.


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