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Labour Court

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Labour Court Notice - Review of Joint Labour Committees

In accordance with its obligations under Section 41(A) of the Industrial Relations Act 1946 (‘the Act’), the Labour Court is carrying out a review of each Joint Labour Committee (JLC). The last such review was completed on 22nd April 2013 and consequently, in accordance with the legislation, the Court must complete this review by 22nd April 2018.

Following the completion of the last review in 2013, a number of changes to the system were implemented by Ministerial order such that at present eight JLC’s exist as follows:

1. Agricultural Workers;

2. Catering (excluding Dublin City and Dun Laoghaire);

3. Catering (Dublin City and Dun Laoghaire);

4. Contract Cleaning;

5. Hairdressing;

6. Hotels (Others excluding Cork);

7. Retail, Grocery and Allied Trades;

8. Security Industry.

Of the JLC’s listed above, 3 have met since the changes in 2013, namely: Security Industry; Contract Cleaning; Hairdressing.

The Court now invites written submissions in respect of the review, setting out the grounds on which the JLC concerned should be retained, abolished or amalgamated with another JLC. The Court will consider any written submissions received in carrying out its review.

Following the review, the Court may make certain recommendations to the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, where it is satisfied that to do so would promote harmonious relations between workers and employers and assist in the avoidance of industrial unrest. As such, the Court may recommend that a JLC be: maintained in its current form; amalgamated with another JLC; amended; abolished.

When formulating submissions, parties are asked to pay particular attention to the provisions of subsection (3) of Section 41(A) of the Act (inserted by Section 11 of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2012) and to prepare any submissions in adherence to the matters set out in that subsection.

To this end, submissions in respect of the review should be marked ‘Review of Joint Labour Committees’ and be received by the Court no later than 5.00pm on Friday 6th April 2018.

The Labour Court

Lansdowne House

Lansdowne Road

Dublin 4

Phone: 01 – 613 6666

E-mail: info@labourcourt.ie

Website: www.labourcourt.ie


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